Pentire Adrift | Oat Fizz

Pentire Adrift Oat Fizz

A light as clouds twist on the New Orlean’s classic. The oat milk adds a little thickness, balancing the refreshing flavors.


2oz Pentire Adrift 
1oz fresh lemon juice
1oz sugar syrup (could be flavored, eg. fig leaf) 
2oz barista oat milk (barista for the foam) 
1 egg white or vegan alternative 
Tonic water to top 
Mint leaf 


Shake all but the tonic hard for a couple of minutes in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, then strain the liquid and shake again, this time without ice (known as dry shaking).

Strain the liquid using a hawthorn strainer into a ceramic cup (or alternative) and wait for around 10 seconds for the foam to sit.

Then top with a little tonic, the foam should rise in one solid column as the bubbles raise the foam. Garnish with a mint leaf.

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