"I was surprised by how tasty it was" | Washington Post


When we spotted Jason Wilson’s article interviewing our good friends and stockists Boisson in the Washington Post, we were chuffed to see Pentire as part of the non-alc exploration he described.

“At first I was certain I could taste the difference between the gin and tonic and the Pentire “gin” and tonic, but then I got deep into writing and the glasses got mixed up on my desk, and now I’m not totally sure which is which."

Jason explained that we’re seeing a “lasting cultural shift” in our relationship with alcohol. When interviewing Boisson’s CEO Nick Bodkins, he touches on why their customers are changing their behavior.

“They’re rethinking their relationship with alcohol. They’re starting families, they’re taking nights off, they’re training for marathons.”

We totally agree. Whether it be a marathon, a 5k, a surf at your local beach or a cycle to visit friends; we exist to empower and enable active outdoor living. And after all, we see the same trend as Jason reports: 80% of our customers also drink alcohol. It doesn’t have to be black and white. 

And of course we’re glad Jason walked out with a bottle of Pentire Seaward.

Cheers to that. 🌱

P.S. As well as their online store, Boisson has five stores in New York, three in Los Angeles, plus the newly opened San Francisco store. See you there.