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What is Pentire?

We make botanical non-alcoholic spirits by distilling plants native to our local headlands here in North Cornwall. They are founded on a love of active outdoor and healthy living.


How is Pentire Adrift & Seaward made?

Our botanical non-alcoholic spirits are created by collaborating with local botanists and distillers to make delicious costal, herbaceous and fresh flavour profiles.

How do you drink Pentire?

As a Pentire & tonic. Start with a glass full of ice, add 50ml Pentire, 150ml premium light tonic, garnish Adrift with lemon peel or rosemary; garnish Seaward with pink grapefruit.




Follow our Founder who will walk you through a perfect serve for both Adrift and Seaward.

What does Pentire Adrift taste like?

Crisp, Herbaceous and Fresh. Notes of citrus, coupled with Sage, Rock Samphire and Sea Salt for a round herbal finish.

What does Pentire Seaward taste like?

Invigorating and replenishing, Seaward’s bright and zesty grapefruit citrus top notes meet green natural tones from the Pentire Plant Blend with natural berry from harvested sea buckthorn.

What colour is Pentire?

Both Pentire Adrift and Pentire Seaward are straw coloured liquids. Some batches are darker than others, and larger bottles may appear darker than the taster bottles, this is normal and part of the pleasure of working with plants! All batches have passed micro-testing so are safe for consumption.

How many calories are in Pentire?

Pentire Adrift and Seaward both have only 2 calories per 50ml serving

Is Pentire Vegan / Gluten Free?


What are the ingredients?

Adrift: Water, British sea herb extract blend, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavours, malic acid, Cornish sea salt, preservative: potassium sorbate.

Seaward: Water, woodruff, meadowsweet, sea rosemary, sea buckthorn, grapefruit, orange juice concentrate, tartaric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate.

Is Pentire safe during pregnancy?

Yes! Pentire contains only natural ingredients which are listed above. 

What is the shelf life of Pentire? 

13 months from production. BBE can be found towards the base of your bottle. Store in a cool dry place. Refrigeration not required. Once opened use within 12 weeks.

Is Pentire non-alcoholic? 

Yes! Both Adrift and Seaward are under 0.5% abv. That's less than bread, a ripe banana or orange juice.

Are there allergens in Pentire? 

No! Pentire contains none of the 14 allergens. 

Is Pentire a cordial?

No! Pentire is made by distillation which makes it a spirit, and does not contain sugar or sweetener. By comparison, a cordial can be made at home on your hob with sugar.

Is Pentire a non-alcoholic gin?

Although the distillation process we use is similar to gin, the 2 ingredients that make gin (ethanol and juniper) are not in Pentire. This means Pentire does not taste like gin, but instead is a delicious botanical spirit of its own. We hope you enjoy our flavours from the coast!