EP 01 | James Aiken / Solo Sailor, Surfer & Explorer

The first episode of our film series begins with coastal adventurer James Aiken. We follow James around his local area on the south coast of Cornwall. We capture his day to day routine and rituals. We discover how he channels this into his choices in life. 


 As the trails, headlands, and sea are bathed in the morning light, James Aiken finds himself in a moment of reflection through exploring the power of running and coastal living. It enables him to live with a far more present and connected state of mind, where the reward of achievement outweighs the warm comfort of a morning in bed.







"The thing that motivates you to get out and do these things, especially in the depths of winter when its dark outside is you know good you are going to feel afterwards and it just sets the tempo for the day" - James Aiken






"The sea really offers me that platform to push myself. I think it's important to always be outside your comfort zone where you're broadening your knowledge base" - James Aiken