Pentire Adrift | Martini No.6


A Pentire twist on the classic dirty Martini. Then maple syrup and grapefruit are a gentle nod to Vermouths bittersweet character.



2 oz Pentire Adrift
3 Nocellara olives in brine
Dash of maple syrup
Dash of olive brine
3 black pepper corns
wedge of fresh grapefruit


Green olive


Chill your chosen glass. Cut the olives from their stones and add to a shaker. Next add the Pentire and gently muddle followed by the remaining ingredients. Be sure to squeeze the grapefruit edge skin side down to release all the precious oils before adding to the shaker.

Fill the shaker two thirds with ice and shake hard for a few seconds. Strain into the chilled glass, we like to serve over a large ice cube with the remaining nocellera olive.