EP 04 | Dan Crockett / Blue Marine Foundation

Restoring ocean health

Dan Crockett is an ocean advocate, friend inspiration at our chosen charity Blue Marine Foundation. As Development Director at Blue Marine, Dan's work focusses on restoring ocean health and seeks to build awareness of Blue Carbon and the ability the ocean has to store carbon in it's various marine habitats.


By using his experience as a writer, Dan translates all of the extraordinary things that he learns every single day about the ocean and blue carbon, in a way that can resonates with a broad group of people.



Here we spent a day with Dan Crockett, hanging in his natural environment, exploring and reflecting on his relationship with the ocean.





"I don't really mind what the surf's like anymore, it's much more about participating in it." - Dan



About Blue Marine Foundation

The Blue Marine Foundation exists to restore a healthy ocean. They do this by creating marine protected areas, establishing models of sustainable fishing and restoring marines habitat. They also fight unsustainable fishing and try to connect people to the sea.  

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