Pentre USA Winter Shipping

Sometimes we have to limit our shipping during periods of extreme cold weather.


As a beverage manufacturer and retailer, who ship large amounts of liquid in glass bottles around North America, we have to consider a number of factors when it comes to our shipping.


Pentire is particularly susceptible to cold conditions, as our liquid is non-alcoholic, so freezes easily during transit in cold periods. When this happens, the liquid expands and causes the glass bottles to smash, which is unsafe and against our environmental ethos, as we always seek to reduce waste, not create it.


Along with our carriers, we closely monitor the weather to determine the best windows to ship your orders. Please note that this may result in some shipping delays or us stopping orders being created for delivery to certain states, so we can get your product to you safely.

January 2024 Update

01.24.2024 | We are now shipping to all states that we usually ship to again, but will be monitoring conditions carefully for the remainder of the cold season.